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Missy’s keys4cabs is a non-profit organization created after the loss of Melissa “Missy” Eubanks.  Missy was killed in an alcohol related crash due to an impaired driver on May 7, 2010.  Our goal is to educate Tulsa on the risk of driving impaired and reduce such impaired driving, thereby saving lives.  Missy’s keys4cabs is a grassroots organization established by friends and family of Missy.
Keys4cabs is a simple program designed with a no excuses attitude.  At participating keys4cabs establishments, if you feel you are impaired simply ask your server for a free cab ride home.  The process is very simple; the server will have a cab voucher in which they will take your name and address to be placed on the voucher for the cab to get you safely home.   Once the cab arrives the voucher is transferred to them and away you go.  The process and information given will also be kept confidential and is only for keys4cabs use.  It should be noted, keys4cabs is not a free cab ride service, we will not take you to another establishment and you must have driven to the establishment; again our goal is to reduce impaired driving.  Of course we want to reduce all impaired driving so we also ask if you want to change venues during your night out that you are responsible and take a cab if you are impaired; DUIs and alcohol related crashes can happen at any time.  Make it a night to remember, not a night to regret.  At keys4cabs we want you to have a great time when you go out; however, we want you and everyone else on the road to make it home safely.   A simple decision to take a cab could save your life as well as the life of someone else.

Keys4cabs has entered an exciting new phase; we have learned a lot in the past year and are modifying our program to better our success.  We have many new things in store for our program.  This last year has taught us what is working and where we need to make changes.  We want to make the process easier on everyone it touches.   As mentioned earlier this program is a grassroots organization; every single person who has been diligently working on keys4cabs has done so on their own time, on a volunteer basis, out of pure compassion to reduce impaired driving.  The process has been slower than we would have liked but we still have accomplished great things in the short time we have been established.  Furthermore, we are saving lives.  The program is working and we are excited about its future success.  We have impressive partnerships for having just started and these partnerships will be strengthened as well as increased, moving forward.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we grow this program.  

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