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Warning: The story below is from an eye witness account of the crash that involved Missy.  It is graphic in nature because impaired driving crashes are violent.  Keys4cabs felt it was important to share in hopes to educate others of the reality of alcohol related crashes and to deter impaired driving.  Reader discretion is advised.


Eye Witness Account:

May 6, 2010 started like any other day but it would not end that way.   Melissa “Missy” Eubanks pulled up to a red light on 6th St. with the intention of turning left, I was one car back from her with the intention of following her to our friend’s house.  When the light turned green she proceeded into the intersection to turn left onto Peoria Avenue.  I was just taking my foot off the brake to proceed also when a large, black SUV slammed into her. Missy's Car Backview The sound was horrendous and still echoes in my ears.  It was as if the night had came down and made her car explode; glass was flying everywhere. I could see her car crunching under the impact and the roof caving in on the driver's side around her; as well as her being thrown into the passenger side of her car.  The impact spun her vehicle to the other side of the road facing southbound and completely turned the northbound SUV, southbound.  As I ran to her car I knew the situation was critical; the driver-side was completely into the middle of the car including the steering wheel which she had pulled with her, she was laid out across the front seats with her head against the passenger side door, and she was completely non-responsive.  Meanwhile, the impaired man who hit her was now fleeing the scene as well as trying to run over another witness trying to stop him.  I ran around to the passenger door to feel for her pulse all the while screaming her name. I will never forget feeling her pulse fade away; it was pure chaos and heartbreak. Missy's Car at rest in the middle of the Intersection I realized at that point I had just witnessed my best friend being killed by a drunk driver; this was supposed to happen to other people. The problem with that line of reasoning is the reality that this can and will happen to anyone, at any time. As the weeks wore on I was haunted not only by the loss of my friend and the horrible images; but the sad reality that impaired driving crashes are preventable.  


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