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Missy's Keys4Cabs' mission is to save lives by eliminating drunk driving.  


Our member establishments receive vouchers for free cab rides, paid for by Missy's Keys4cabs organization, for patrons who have had too much to drink.  


Keys4Cabs' goals for 2013:

  • Increase Membership by 75% to create a safety net around Tulsa
  • Increase use of the program by educating and training member establishments' staff
  • Increase our marketing to reach more of the Tulsa area and our target population
  • Build and strengthen partnerships
  • Continue to raise awareness of the problem of impaired driving in Tulsa 


Keys4cabs Long Term Goals:

  • Create social change which leads to the elimination of impaired driving
  • Work with the community and city to improve public transit options/services after hours
  • To strengthen and define our program so that it may be spread to other communities and cities



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