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  • If you notice your patron is impaired you should begin the process of determining if they are planning on driving.
  • If they are planning on driving you should then suggest the patron take advantage of Missy’s keys4cabs.
  • Once you have secured the patron to take a cab, you should then call the cab company: (918)582-6161 or (918) 587-6611 and let them know this is a keys4cabs ride.
  • You will then begin to fill out the voucher.
  • We would like for the address to be taken off the Driver’s license for correctness; however, we understand at times the DL address is no longer accurate at which point you will have to rely on the customer to give you the address.
  • The address must be to a house, apt, or other dwelling.  We will not take patrons to other establishments, bars, clubs, restaurants, etc.
  • Once the Voucher is filled out, the cab will arrive in the allotted 15 to 20 minutes. You will then hand the voucher to the cab driver.

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  • If you feel you are impaired, please approach your server and ask for a Keys4cab taxi voucher
  • Your server will ask for your name and address to be placed on the voucher so we can get you safely home.
  • Once the cab arrives your server will hand your voucher to the driver and away you go.


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